Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Busy Songs To Avoid... by DianaDee Osborne

How do you get all of your message into one song?
It's a big temptation to try to do.
After all, your goal is probably more than money as a songwriter.
You're an intelligent person with lots of ideas.
NO one thinks exactly as you.  So ....  how do you
       share all your ideas  in your own unique song?

Probably, you can't.  But hey, this is good news!
          It just means you get to write a 2nd (or etc.) song!

Hint... not from an "expert" but from a fellow musician with some experience.  There are over 300 full samples that you can hear at no cost at my website (click on link below).
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LO  AND  BEHOLD  BLESSINGS      Click here for lyrics

I began this gospel style fusion rock song planning to use the following pattern:
   Verse 1:      This Morning I woke up, Put my feet....   [what happened]
   Verse 2:      This Afternoon, I ....  [what happened]
   Verse 3:      This Evening, I .....    [what happened]

But what I found was that many things fit into morning activities that could have been perceived as blessings -- too many to fit into a single verse.
And two verses per time period?  No, a  6-verse song can annoy listeners...
          especially if each time period was followed by a chorus!

So, to avoid being too "busy", I limited this song to only
 "THIS MORNING"  for each verse.
Afternoon and Evening must wait 'til another day, another song:)
 I suggest that you too may want to avoid   "BUSY"  songs,      
       to better    share  the  HEART  OF  YOUR  MESSAGE          
                            to your  future song  listeners.                          

Much joy to you in designing art patterns  into your song lyrics! 
©2014 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved - BUT feel free to share with copyright info.