Friday, December 5, 2014

Avoiding Blah Tunes .... by DianaDee Osborne

       An old game show "Name that Tune" tested people's ability to remember old songs. Another game show could be "Name that BAND." Musicians tend to have favorite chords and progressions and sound mix textures.

If you want to bring amazing FRESHNESS into your songs,
Don't just start a song with a melody:
   STOP.... LISTEN... Not just a cliche:

Go outdoors and listen to sounds:
The birds, the wind in the trees, traffic noise, the overhead jets...
       the cadence of people talking and  laughing.
Go indoors and listen:  Washing machine swirling, the fan's spin,
the undulation waves of the refrigerator motor....

Drum out beats with your hand on any surface-- from your lap (low beat) to
crunchy leaves.
Sometimes REST awhile in the percussion of the
world around you.... and wait for the melody
      to come into your head.

Combinatoric Waves Peace
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Ocean waves were crashing against a pointed rock barrier, coming from two directions. One day I noticed something “different” in the sound as I stood by the water at dawn. I closed my eyes... listened... realized that 
 to my left, the water was like the usual 4/4 time   with a heavy hit on the rocks as “Count 1” and a lighter hit on “count 3” and then repeating the pattern at the end of each 4 counts.

BUT -- on my RIGHT side, the water took longer between “count 3” and the heavy  repeat on Count 1. 
The Music of the Water was in 5/4 time as it hit the rock barrier at a different angle.
I charted out what I heard in the sand, and later created a spreadsheet to study my observation. After talking with a couple of mathematicians, I learned that the word for this combination of two different series is “Combinatoric”.

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