Tuesday, July 15, 2014

JOY of Pseudo Rhymes in Songs ... by DianaDee Osborne

We learned it around 3rd grade:
           Make your poem rhyme,  above all.
We kept remembering it after high school:
           When writing songs, make the lyrics rhyme, above all.

EXCITING NEWS!  You don't have to make true rhymes in songs!
No more struggles to rhyme the next song line with 
               "The /  orange flow- er /  bulb _ _ / ....
Pseudo rhymes work fine in songs especially...
     the music helps to obscure the lack of perfect rhyme.

So in the above example, your 3/4 time song can continue,
               "The /  orange flow- er /  bulb _ had /
                           the wrong la-   /  bel,  __ so
                           in the spring    /  it bloomed  hot
                           pink."  __  __  /  __  __  __    :)     
 obviously a humor song!                    

Much joy to you in growing your music!
©2014 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved - BUT feel free to share with copyright info.