Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hint for Practicing Tongue-Tying Songs

An odd title.  What do I mean?  You know how you sometimes say you're tongue tied when trying to speak?  Same thing happens -- even worse -- in front of a microphone in a studio where you're paying for professional recording time.  So here's an easy hint for practicing (even if you record vocals on your own time at home).

Sometimes one of my draft songs is REALLY fast with half counts.
That means I have to get a LOT of syllables out of my mouth in moments.
We EACH have two choices when we keep stumbling over words during practice:
    1.  Select different words with less syllables.  Don't write off this good hint; sometimes it's best.
    2.  Practice in the following way:
Don't even try to get out your words at first.

It's like learning to drive stick shift where you're watching the road and
 3 mirrors and your speedometer until you've learned to "hear" when to change --
plus the gear shift you have to look down at when you start, 
plus feeling between the clutch and brake to be sure you get the right one...

OOoopps -- I forgot:  Please also watch the road and other drivers and
Bambi                (and enjoy the blessing if you don't understand the Bambi joke).
In other words:
There's too many things to focus on 
at once as you learn.   So you stress.
Same with music.
So first learn your melody REALLY well.
Most people do the humming thing - like "La La",
and then   start practicing  words.

My hint of Experience is to throw in a middle step 
so the learning step is not so steep:

           Sing the Alphabet.
Yes, I said to sing the ABCs on up to the TUV's     and then back to A's.

Example:  Say a different alphabet letter for each syllable in
"We Wish You a Merry Christmas"  --
  A__B___C__D_E _ F _G_ H _ 

Your mind has to focus on BOTH  the letter and the music note, 
which is harder than "La".
But not as hard as focusing on the WORD and the music note.
It's really helped me.  I hope you'll find joy in music and trying out hints like this:)

Much joy and laughter to you in feeling silly while the silliness helps your song be better!
©2012 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved