Saturday, May 11, 2013

Creating a Pattern Track ..... by DianaDee Osborne

One of the old jokes about country songs:
All you have to be able to play are the chords  G, C, and D.
Not a very humorous joke.... but sometimes this GCD skeleton is the basic type of structure for a song. 

On a short, easy song, it's easy to record a rhythm guitar track and then add lyrics on the vocal track.  But for a longer song, I myself keep "getting Lost"... losing count of how many times I played that C chord before the next chord change.

I've found this hint to be more work at the start, but tremendously easier in the project development:  
1.   Sing   a DRAFT vocal track WITH the guitar, recorded as one track.  

2.   Then go back and -- using this  (draft) PATTERN TRACK along with your CLICK track in the headphones,  record the guitar track.  You can easily hear chord changes in the Pattern Track.  No more counting measures to remember how long to play one chord before the next change.

3.  Finally,  using the new guitar track, record your vocal track  as usual.

EASY 2nd hint --  If desired, sing verse 1's words for every verse of the pattern track.  You don't care about words for this disposable track anyway.... and it's less distracting as you play the "real" guitar track.

Much joy to you in growing music easily without getting lost in the chords!
©2013 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved