Monday, March 16, 2015

Easy Improved Vocal Tracks ... by DianaDee Osborne

MARCH 16, 2015
I'm going back in time... finding songs I recorded
years ago, and gradually re-recording vocals for songs where my voice was rather weak,
or I'd made some mistakes that I never remembered to
"GO AND FIX" since I record a 5-year average of 
60 songs per year....

I'm finding that since I have not practiced and practiced recently, as I did then,
that there are often "NO  CLUES IN THE MUSIC" for when to come in for 
verses or the chorus or bridge. Thus... I  GET  LOST  when recording to just the music.

  1.  Listen a few times to your old vocal track,  and mark the music where you'd sung the wrong words (or those you're now changing), or got off the beat.

  2.  Create a new vocal track.  Sing WITH the original vocal,   with your now stronger voice.
However: The wrong timing or different words might throw you off.
     That's OK!!  Just do the right timing and words as best you can.

  3.  Create a 3rd vocal track.  Sing WITH the NEW vocal,    having muted the original vocal track. 
Because your 2nd vocal was so much better  (and because you've had an excellent practice!)
        This 3rd track will be SO much better! Right in time with the original music.
             And of course you can always do a 4th, 5th track 
with or without the earlier vocal track that may no longer be needed.

  4.  Now just delete all of your old vocal tracks,  Of course: for FUN,
you might want to keep the original just so you can
keep enjoying the reminder of how much
you've improved over the years!
Fun memories of how NERVOUS you were in your
early years of recording vocal tracks!

Much joy to you in growing your music! - DdO:)
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