Monday, February 18, 2013

Select a Catchy Title.... by DianaDee Osborne

is more important that it would seem.... 
and here are 4 TESTED hints to help.  Actual examples of these songs are available on my daily blog (currently with 153 published songs, with over 100 left to post at one per day).
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1.  Try to select a unique title.
Unless you're already 'someone famous',  people may be less likely to find songs with titles that are the same title as someone famous's songs.  Of course they can't ALL be unique titles -- but it takes only a few unique (weird) song titles to start building memories of your work.
Example:  One of my songs has the title "Logical Way to You".  Not another song found with that exact phrase when you put it in quote marks in an internet search box.  The same for  "One Single Cell on Mars"     (probably I could add "not surprisingly").
    Free download, no registration required:  LOGICAL WAY     

1a.    Check a website that lists songs in your genre. That helps you find out just how unique your working title is.
ExampleBecause all my music is about God in some way, I check  -- a major  Christian music source for churches -- looking for my working title.  Recently I changed the title of the draft song "Lord I Praise You"  because about a dozen songs were already published with that name.  Then I checked the song's 2nd line as a possible title:  "Lord I Love You" and got a similar result.
            So I checked the 3rd line -- which happened to be the same for every verse anyway, and it was perfect.... and unique:  "I Bless Your Holy Name."   No other songs  by that title in,   it was the 4th listing that the  search engine  brought up.

1b.  Consider using an ODD WORD in your title.
When people do an internet search -- even if specifically looking for your song by title -- an ordinary title will blend into all the other internet search "hits."  Even if they include your name, the title may be way down the Found list.
Example:     One of my songs has the title "Pertinacious".   LINK (free to hear)
Unfortunately -- odd words get mixed into the list of DICTIONARY web sites.  But if people remember your last name... maybe even just your first name if it isn't a common noun... and include it in the search box (in quotes), your song title will probably pop up near the top of the Found list.

1c.  OR,  use an odd SET of words.
Example:    I gave the title "Psalm 102 Troubled Praising" to one song.  No where else on the internet does the word "Praising" get matched up with "Troubled"!  And -- of course -- the phrase fit the song!

2.  Use a  MEMORABLE TITLE PATTERN   if you have several songs that fit with each other.
Example:    For all of my songs that quote Bible Psalms,    CLICK HERE FOR LIST
have a consistent title format that begins with the Word "Psalm", 
gives the number, 
and then gives a phrase describing that psalm that has an -ING suffix in one of the words.  

   People seem to think that a series indicates a consistent line of quality... and 
   it shows that you DID design your song titles with much thought!                    
Much joy to you in growing your music and "designing" titles!
©2012 DianaDee Osborne;  all rights reserved - BUT feel free to share with copyright info.