Sunday, June 6, 2010

Where can you find Song Inspiration?

Many people ask "how do you get the inspiration for a song?" The answer: pretty much anything can. Helpful ideas:

10-001. SONGWRITING INSPIRATION - journaling. If an idea comes, write it down! Many songs aren't written until months after the initial idea... which was re-found by flipping through a journal. Any notebook, including electronic ones, that works for you.....

Just look around you for fun or for deep song ideas! The humor song HERE KITTY was inspired by calling two cats that were both crying for me: one came, the other didn't. Add some personal concept message, and you've got a great song foundation!

10-003 SONGWRITING INSPIRATION - Books of quotations
Books full of quotes can jog a lot of lyrics ideas. Be wary of recent authors; their material probably is copyrighted. Thomas Hardy's old poem inspired the autobiographic reflections that turned into the song using Hardy's title -- IMPERCIPIENT (Amazing Big Words 'n' Big God album, at