Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fast Practice for Difficult Singing

Many songwriters record their draft tracks in a home studio. If you do, you'll really love this hint. And if you don't, it still will help you "warm up" before recording a vocal track at the studio.
This hint works for any recording program; I use GarageBand myself, so that's my familiar example to share:)

1. Create a duplicate of the track that you sing to, and label it "TEMP" (temporary).
2. Find the place where you want to strengthen your singing with more practice.
3. Split the track a little before and a little after that place.
4. Open the Notation View (Score) and look at the very front top of your separated-out practice region. You'll notice a little ➤ arrow enclosed in a box after the name of the region, just above the ruler.
5. If you click on that arrow, GarageBand will play the region over and over and over until you press the space bar to stop the play. Other recording programs are capable of doing the same.

Hints for splitting GarageBand tracks are on my blog at
especially in August 2011.
Much joy to you in strengthening confidence as your note region repeats!
©2011 DianaDee Osborne